The CloudFirst Podcast

Data Intensity & Enginatics: Advancing Oracle EBS Effectiveness

Episode Summary

Data Intensity and Enginatics collaborate to advance Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) effectiveness. Listen to Data Intensity's Derek Rebello, Enterprise Applications Director, and Enginatics' Andy Haack, Managing Director, as they discuss how the two Oracle partners solve customers' common EBS challenges. Enginatics' Héloïse Pagnon, Account Executive, hosts.

Episode Notes

Enginatics provides software for EBS reporting and analytics, with a focus on user experience and efficiency. Blitz Report™ is embedded into the EBS application and helps users to organize and export real-time data directly to Microsoft Excel. Business users can choose from hundreds of ready to use reports and create layout templates in their desired format. IT Teams can easily migrate reports from existing solutions such as Oracle Discoverer, Microsoft BI Publisher and others, or create new custom reports.

Data Intensity is an industry-leading Oracle Managed Services Provider delivering world-class expert managed services for the complex lifecycle of Oracle-powered workloads. Data Intensity provides full-stack, SLA-backed, technical and functional application managed services on any cloud. Everything we do – effective license position assessments, migrations services, 24x7 technical operational managed services, functional adaptation of EBS – is designed to optimally power your business. 

Together, Data Intensity and Enginatics boost EBS performance and reporting effectiveness, providing EBS users with the expertise and data they need. With over 20 years of tested success in optimizing EBS systems, Data Intensity and Enginatics…two leading Oracle partners…are your preferred powerhouse EBS partners.